The Myrnmaros Rift

Day 5

  • Headed back to Westercliffe to show the Orb to Omnus and Bones of Otor
  • Oton – Ancient Necromancer of the First Men
  • Need to cleanse his bones at a Sacred Flame → Possible Locations are at the Mages College
  • Have a petrification Potion from Omnus
  • Receive personal letter from Omnus to the Head Librarian at the Mages College
  • Look through the Scrying Orb
  • See a Tunnel overlooking a massive cavern, several magical devices
  • Cave appears engineered by Dwarves
  • Rotate the orb and see an hooded figure- possible Drow, White Hair, Black Skin.
  • See a large battering ram being constructed near a massive door
  • The hooded figure sees us watching him and covers the orb
  • Possible confirmation from Omnus that this is the Deeproad
  • Give Torwind the details of what we viewed
  • Torwind asks us to deliver a personal letter to the Emperor – his previous couriers have not returned
  • Torwind asks us to get additional information from Godric
  • Godric gives Quinn a sigil that signifies the Emperors Authority → Use to gain audience in the Imperial City
  • Rest for the night, awoken in the middle of the night
  • Godric stabbed and massively wounded
  • Hooded assailant says “Driss does not like being spied on” in Elvish
  • Killed the assassin → Cut off its head as proof and because Quinn is one Badass Mother
  • Loot a magical dagger – Wyrmtooth


Antisyzygy cameron_rooney

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