Torwind Gallant

Lord's Steward - Westercliffe


Torwind is a Imperial who serves Arturus Dren as his steward. He has light blonde hair that is balding over his blue eyes. He is in his late 40’s.


Torwind is of the patrician class. He handles most, if not all of his Lord’s responsibilities in Westercliffe including finances and city business.

Torwind is an avid Imperial historian, and former architect from the Imperial City. There was responsible for designing roads, monuments and aqueducts.

Recent Events

The party first encountered Torwind upon their return from investigating the Goblin attacks. When he learned of where they found the Goblin’s lair he was very worried. It appeared that the Goblins were in one of the water collection basins of the Deeproad Aqueduct.

Torwind asked the party to return, and promised a reward for investigating further.

Torwind Gallant

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