Omnus Taiyeri

Lord of Westercliffe's Scholar and Wizard


Omnus serves Arturus Dren in Westercliffe.

His surname is clearly High-Elven, however his first name is Imperial.

He wears a cloak and hood covered in magical symbols. He has grey hair and a grey beard, however his beard is quite sparse probably due to his mix of Elvish and Human blood.


Omnus is a great wizard and professor emeritus from the Mage’s College.

He grew up protected and studied by the college, as it is very unusual to have any beings born of Eladrin and Human blood. It was assumed his Elf-blood would unlock innate magical talent, and that he would be a great wizard one day. This assumption turned out to be correct.

Omnus has single-handedly published two hundred volumes on topics in Transmutation and Conjuration. When his interests shifted to darker things, namely Necromancy, he was forced by the college to retire.

In retirement, Omnus pledged his loyalty to Arturus Dren mostly so he could study the strange Precursor ruins and burial grounds known to be near Westercliffe. Serving Arturus Dren is a means to an end.

Recent Events

The party was told to talk to Omnus by Torwind Gallant to discuss the magic they saw Gurignak using.

When the party met with Omnus, they shared a magic orb they discovered in Gurignak’s possession. It was determined to be of something like High-Elven construction, typically used for two-way communication or scrying. However, this one was broken and so Omnus asked the party to find another.

Omnus Taiyeri

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