Gurignak (Deceased)

Goblin Mage


Gurignak is a foul, smelly green creature who dresses in dark robes. He wears various spider artifacts on his robes, and carries a staff that has intricate carvings all around the shaft.


Gurignak was encountered by the party in an ancient cave to the southeast of Westercliffe. He sat upon an ancient stone chair from where he shouted orders in his unintelligable tongue. It is assumed he was the leader of the large group of goblins encountered by the party.

The party defeated Gurignak, and he was interrogated. However when the party was distracted he escaped through a tunnel in the back of the cave, collapsing it behind him with his magics.

It was learned that Gurignak follows Lolth, however none of the party has ever heard of such a god. Gurignak claimed Lolth promised their homeland would be returned to them.

Recent Events :

The party learned that their first encounter with Gurignak was in one of the water collection basins for the Deeproad Aqueduct. It was assumed he was there for some purpose, so the party was asked to return.

The party encountered Gurignak again, this time defeating him for good. While mortally wounded, he was again interrogated. He shared that the Goblins were truthfully just slaves. Perhaps Lolth tricked them into serving her by promising their homeland would be returned?

It was learned from Gurignak that the Drow, a people only Arumil Drannor may have heard of, were commanding the Goblins to return water to the Deeproad Gate. Presumably, this was to activate the giant stone water mill that powers the gate’s Dwarven designed movement system.

Nothing is known about Gurignak’s history.

Gurignak (Deceased)

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