Arumil Drannor

High-Elf Bladesinger


Recently arrived at Port Bollgir, of the Imperial City of Altur, Arumil Drannor has been summoned to conduct a special, highly classified mission for His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Titus Dren III. Ordinarily, the emperor would use his own men for Imperial business, but Drannor is reknowned among his people for his fierce cunning and adept fighting prowess, for which there appears to be no human, dwarf, or elven equal. His Majesty was not willing to settle for anything less than the best.

The bladesinger is tall and lean, with a stoic look about him that could stop even the most fearsome of thugs in his tracks. He wears his silver hair in a waist-length plait, and is clothed in elegant robes befitting both his station and expert skill in defensive magic. His primary weapons are a javelin and a sickle, which glow with a faint magical aura due to their many enchantments. As a high-elf among mostly humans, he stands out quite a bit. However, by virtue of his tactical training, he seems to have managed to keep his head down well enough to go unnoticed on the mainland. He speaks very little, except to get straight to the point, often choosing to observe situations silently from off to the side in order to gain the most information from the greatest number of sources. He is also known to be a thorough and ruthless interrogator, should the need arise.

He has journeyed alone thus far, stopping only for a fortnight in the town of Westercliffe on his way to the gates at the Deep Road. There have been rumors of goblin activity in the long-closed passage, but that has not been of concern to him, as his primary goal at this point is to continue his mission, as requested by the Emperor. Besides, what are a few pesky goblins to an expert bladesinger? It was certainly not enough to dissuade him from attempting to traverse the mountain terrain to find out.

Arumil Drannor

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