Northron Tribes

The Northron Tribes

Brief Description

The Northron Tribes are a collection of barbarian tribes also known as “The First Men”. Historically, they were the first of humankind to colonize Altur, long before the Imperials. As such, they feel they have a claim to their homeland the Imperium simply cannot match.

They were conquered by the Imperial army and annexed as a province a hundred years ago. In recent history they have declared their independence, which has resulted in civil war with the Imperium.

Races :

Men – 100%

Government :

The Tribes are closely knit due to necessity of war time, however most of the tribes retain some independence. Their local systems of government vary from local councils to strong-willed chieftains.

Ruler/s :

Donar Thundersmith, War Leader

Seat of Government :


Relations :

The Dwarven Kingdom does not know of the Northron Tribes existence as a separate entity, and thus they have no relationship. However, the Northron Tribes have no opinion of the Dwarven Kingdom.

The Northron Tribes are in open civil war with the Imperium.

The Northron Tribes care nothing for the Elvish Tribes nor the Eladrin.

Military :

  • Militia
  • Berserkers
  • Huscarl
  • Raiding Navy

Claims :

All lands in the Northwest of Altur.

Northron Tribes

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