The Imperium

Brief Description

The Imperium is an old empire that at one point conquered much of Altur. In recent history their influence has been waning as they have struggled internally. This was worsened by a civil war with the Northron Tribes.


Men – 49%
Halflings – 28%
Half-Elves – 8%
Dwarves – 5%
Low-Elves – 6%
Muls – 3%
Eladrin – less than 1%
Other – approx. 1%


Supreme rule by the Emperor with a Senate representing the people. The Senate’s only real power is in advising the Emperor.


Titus Dren III, Emperor

Seat of Government

The Imperial City


The Dwarven Kingdom and the Imperium have had a trade alliance for hundreds of years. The lack of tension between these two nations is in part due to the reclusiveness of the dwarves, and the fact they stake no common claims.

The Imperium has long sought after the eastern realms of Altur. As such, the Elvish Tribes tend to distrust them.

The Northron Tribes are in open civil war with the Imperium.

The Imperium has had open trade with the High-Elves from the Eladrin Concordate for at least a century, including acquirement of mercenaries from the continent. However, they have rarely sent a diplomat to the continent and little is know about High-Elvish politics or lands.


  • Legions
  • Auxillary
  • Frumentarii
  • Navy


All lands west of Moradin’s Cleave, excluding Moradin’s Throat.

The Deeproad, and Easthaven.


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