The Deeproad

Recent Events

The Deeproad was shut 30 years ago by the emperor. The struggles in the Imperial City and ongoing civil war with the Northron Tribes are commonly cited as the reason. Legions could no longer be spared to guard the entrances, nor to protect travelers along this subterranean road.

When the Deeproad Gate was closed, the city of Easthaven was essentially cut off from Imperial lands and left to fend for itself.


The Deeproad is a subterranean road built underneath Moradin’s Cleave. It is a Dwarven-made wonder constructed on behalf of the Imperium.

The Imperium commissioned the construction, and paid for it via trade agreements. It was intended to allow travel to the eastern side of Altur without requiring passage through the Black Fang Sea.

It was successfully completed approximately three-hundred years ago. Upon being finished, it was used as a way to send settlers and Imperial legions eastward in an attempt to expand the Imperial state.


The city of Westercliffe is not far from the western entrance to the Deeproad, however the Deeproad Gate and Deeproad Gatehouse marks it’s entrance on the western side.

The city Easthaven was founded on the eastern half of the continent, at the end of the Deeproad. The city of Easthaven is, in fact, the end of the Deeproad. This fortress-city serves as the eastern “gate” to the Deeproad.


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