Quinn "Biff"

Imperial Legionairre


Quinn is a veteran and decorated soldier of the Empire. He has been part of the armies that were involved in an endless battle against the Northron Tribes.

As an Imperial, he has been born from a lineage of soldiers in the Imperial City—it was a fitting path that Quinn had entered at an early age. Fighting seems to be in his blood.

He appears to be In his 30’s. Quinn is slightly older than he looks due to the stress of battle. He has no facial scars, but his heavy armor tells a different story. Luck and skill have been on Quinn’s side through the years of battle. His above average height body type shows definitive strength beneath the plates of steel, however nowhere near the size and strength of a barbarian.

The regiment that Quinn came from uses the Westercliffe area as a hub for supplies and R&R. Since this regiment has not received any orders many of the soldiers in the area have become complacent or wandered off to join bandits, rangers, trackers or other jobs besides waiting.

While Quinn is seemingly bred for battle he’s had idle time near Westercliffe to think about why they are fighting the Northron Tribes in the philosophical sense. As they are not fighting with any specific purpose.

Quinn "Biff"

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