The Myrnmaros Rift

Day 5
  • Headed back to Westercliffe to show the Orb to Omnus and Bones of Otor
  • Oton – Ancient Necromancer of the First Men
  • Need to cleanse his bones at a Sacred Flame → Possible Locations are at the Mages College
  • Have a petrification Potion from Omnus
  • Receive personal letter from Omnus to the Head Librarian at the Mages College
  • Look through the Scrying Orb
  • See a Tunnel overlooking a massive cavern, several magical devices
  • Cave appears engineered by Dwarves
  • Rotate the orb and see an hooded figure- possible Drow, White Hair, Black Skin.
  • See a large battering ram being constructed near a massive door
  • The hooded figure sees us watching him and covers the orb
  • Possible confirmation from Omnus that this is the Deeproad
  • Give Torwind the details of what we viewed
  • Torwind asks us to deliver a personal letter to the Emperor – his previous couriers have not returned
  • Torwind asks us to get additional information from Godric
  • Godric gives Quinn a sigil that signifies the Emperors Authority → Use to gain audience in the Imperial City
  • Rest for the night, awoken in the middle of the night
  • Godric stabbed and massively wounded
  • Hooded assailant says “Driss does not like being spied on” in Elvish
  • Killed the assassin → Cut off its head as proof and because Quinn is one Badass Mother
  • Loot a magical dagger – Wyrmtooth
A Party Forms in Westercliff

Summary of Progress and Encounters:

Day 1

  • Party members arrive separately in Westercliff
  • They are in the Tavern
  • Small band of goblins and wargs attacks the town’s guards
  • The party responds, and defeats the wargs
  • Keldar Oakenstaff, Captain of the Guard promises a reward from the Lord of the City, Arturus Dren
  • Dren offers 10gp each for the deed, then requests Party go on a mission to determine the source and reasoning of goblin activity, offering 150gp, rooms at the local tavern, and the aid of a scout, Godric (former ranger and hunter)
  • Visit Godric at the tavern, secure his services, then browse weapons and armor at local smiths
  • Godric tells the party that Arturus Dren is the second-cousin of the Emperor
  • Rest for the night

Day 2

  • Depart at dawn for caves near Moradin’s Cleave, where goblins are rumored to be located
  • Upon entering cave, defeat goblin lookout outside of large unmarked doors
  • Battle with Gurignak, Trifkin, and other goblin minions, including wargs
  • Goblins employed some sort of dark illusory magic during combat
  • Trifkin and minions are defeated
  • Briefly captured Gurignak, obtained the following information:
    - Goblins appear to be followers of Lolth, god queen of spiders and lies
    - Goblins are trying to reclaim their homeland
  • Gurignak uses magic to distract party, then flees
  • Party loots bodies and returns to the tavern in Westercliff to regroup/trade/sell weapons
  • orb, shortswords, armor

XP Summary :

From 2 encounters the party received 600 XP. This is split 3 ways, so each of the heroes get 200 XP. Next level is in 800 XP for each.

Each of the heroes recieved 10 gold for their initial reward.

Arumil bought hide armor, and traded in his leather armor for a net loss of 20 gp.

Loot :

  • A magical orb (unknown)
  • 3 Short swords
  • Triflik’s Blade (Silvered)
  • 4 Leather armor
  • 13 basic arrows
  • 2 short bows
  • 2 spider religious amulets

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