Myrnmaros Rift

Set on the continent of Altur, a northern continent divided by Moradin’s Cleave, an impassable range of mountains.

In the west lies the Imperium, ruled by the Emperor Titus Dren III. From the Imperial City, the Imperium’s hold on the land has been waning for almost half a century. The Northron Tribes, the First Men, have declared independence and have engaged in full rebellion. The civil war has greatly weakened the Imperial State.

To the east lies the lands of the Low-Elvish tribes who have not known the rule of the Imperium. The safest method of traveling to the eastern half of the continent is by the Deeproad, a Dwarven engineered wonder built underneath Moradin’s Cleave that has been shuttered for over three decades, leaving many Elves trapped in a world of Halflings and Men.

The Dwarven Kingdoms have withdrawn, and none of their emissaries have been seen nor heard from in decades. The Dwarves that were left outside their great fire-breathing mountain homeland, known as Moradin’s Throat, when the great Adamantine Gate was barred must fend for themselves in a world that is quickly forgetting about Dwarvish-kind.

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The Myrnmaros Rift

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